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as rvm said game play was way different back then you had quests, the scrapbook, 13 dungeons, and guild dungeons to earn exp and gold. tower was added around 3-1/2 to 4 years ago if even that long ago. nothing new was added to help boost exp till a little over a year ago with fortress's academy, easteros and shadow world. also recently with pets.

Also back then the exp needed to level up was higher then now. I don't know how much of a change from 275 till 375 but I know it took a lot longer back then, then it does now I gain a lvl in about the same time now and I am lvl 415 on s3 US then I did back then at lvl 275.

Oh even though it seems like it wouldn't help much but the extra 20 thirst we get with the enchantment scroll adds up in a month it averages out to 2 days thirst for a shroomer and 6 days for a non-shroomer that's a lot of exp we didn't get b4.

Down side to all this exp for newer players on any server is that their stats tend to be lower then those of us that played back b4 all the new content. Why you may ask the reason is since it took longer to level up especially once you hit lvl 275+ you earned more gold per lvl then we do now.

Addition: yes BMW it does look like he does stats differently then you or I way more points in off stats and luck then I have at lvl 415 then he has I also have way more con then him.
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