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Default Guild Dungeon new flawed system ?

Now I was happy staying put in my smaller less powerful guild, but now there is an issue, to keep up with the top dogs I am being forced into a Guild with power players as the main base (maybe forced is the wrong word but to stay within a chance of playing competitively at the top I would have to switch Guilds)

Now I am sure loads will say no i am wrong but look at it this way, the guild I am in was maxed out for exp and gold, now while to start with we will be able to extend those by a certain % we will never be able to keep up with the Guilds with 90% of the player base being power players.

The same is going to happen to guilds below us too who are also sat at what they thought was a maximum threshold, I have a feeling there is going to be quite a lot of switching around now with the higher players trying to eek out that extra percentage where before many were happy to stay in a midfield Guild.

Many might say this is a good thing, I disagree as I have a feeling we will have lots of disgruntled players feeling left out not being able to achieve these levels of exp and gold thus in turn we could lose many players.

Just my thoughts but I feel a valid one

as for me i am staying in the guild I am in but have now scaled back and will not be a power player so will slip down the charts, and buy many less mushrooms than I did before.

comments and feelings welcome, please read it all though it is not a complaint as we needed something fresh but I hope it does not have the negative impression on the game I feel will happen.

Anyway onto the point what are your tactics going to be, I think the only one we can now do is try to merge with another Guild and go for that extra percentage gain.

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