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Awesome post. I made this forum account just to give props.
There is one thing though that I think might want to be considered...

In the same way that it is benificial to take a shorter quest with a lower exp/segment than a longer quest with a higher exp/segment if all of your available quest are below your average exp/segment...
Then wouldn't it also be better to take a longer quest with a lower exp/segment if comparing two quest that are both higher than your average exp/segment?

For example... and these numbers are just made up off the top of my head... for ease of use in this example...

Lets say your average exp/segment is 10k/1
Quest 1 40k/2 or... 20k/1
Quest 2 70k/4 or... 17.5k/1

Both quest are above your average ratio of 10k/1 and your instinctual thought is to choose quest 1... because... look at that awsome ratio! It's 20k/1!!

But if you consider the value of 2 more segments of what has already been established as your average exp/segment...

Quest 1 40k/2 + 10k/1 + 10k/1 = 60k/4
Quest 2 70k/4

You can clearly see the value in taking the 2nd... longer quest... over the shorter quest... even though the first quest has a better ratio.

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