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Originally Posted by jabroni View Post
Retry a guild dungeon or battle you just missed winning (once) - spend 15 or so shrooms and 10min later retry that last battle that you think you should have won. (you can shroom the arena individually every 10 min so one guild retry wont break the game mechanics)
That is a bit cheap, when you think about it. Beating a personal dungeon gives you a 1 time reward whereas a guild dungeon gives continuous rewards over the length of time that the guild exists. I could see them doing something like reducing the time until you fight the dungeon though, for a hefty price.

Premium guild coat of arms like the golden frame individual players can buy. Give us some cool clothes to spend money on like a girl at the mall! We dont care about being frugal, we just want to look good!
I can see this being something that Playa could really go for. It involves just a bit of artwork and an on/off command, basically. Heck, they could even get by without having to do any of the art if they made it into a contest.

or... (wait for it) let us use shrooms in the catapult against guild dungeons. I have heard the excuses as to why they decided not to do this, but if they implement the same rules as they have for guiild battles, I cant see it being too much of a game imbalance. it just means the shrooms will be spent on the weakest dungeon monsters just like the guild battles. I mean cmon wont you love to curse the game out watching your catapult waste itself on the first 3 monsters?
AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Why do so many folks take this view about the catapult? A few trial uses makes the catapult appear useless, but if you use it a few hundred times then it does show its usefulness. Holding Bay has used about 2100 mushrooms on the catapult with it helping a ton. Yes, you are more likely to get it early in the fight but the times when it hits the middle and end of a lineup are extremely rewarding. Now, imagine it knocking off half of the boss's health...and just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't happen or can't happen.
Want something really crazy? how about the ability to attack guilds across servers with shrooms. That would be fun. I know, developer's nightmare, but Im just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.
This has the same problems as everything that has been suggested about doing stuff across servers. They are not connected at all, you have room for abuse since you can have a character on every server, ages of the servers, you have over 50 servers in who knows how many languages now, etc.

Yes, some new content would be nice, but Playa doesn't seem to be concerned about anything other than appearance and profit.
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