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I will start out by saying that any opinions and statements are my own and in no way represent Playa Games.

Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
I'm not talking as one player from your .US s5 I'm talking on behalf of at least 85% of the servers paying population.
That is a huge number of people. Is this based on observation or by survey? If you could get that many to sign a petition it would add tremendous weight to your concerns.

Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
Single Dungeon 13 is just rigged if (and we know why, can't give away epics can you, make ppl buy them)
I don't understand how dungeon 13 is rigged. Dungeon 13 gets an epic EVERY time you win. Are you referring to the fact you cannot transfer items between players?

Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
and don't tell me your cash starved the game's graphics can easily be played on a old GB Colour
How did you get S&F to play on a GB Colour? Mine did not have access to wifi or internet so I would be greatly interested to know how it is done.

Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
a quick fix maybe
increase the guild size from 50 to 100
after level 250 shroom price drops to 100 USD = 10000 shrooms
after 300 to 100 USD = 30000 Shrooms
300 TfA is nothing for players at level +275 increase that to 900 at least
Not sure what increasing guild size would fix other than make guild dungeons easier. It might make server balance worse as the top 200 players fill up the number 1 and number 2 guilds leaving behind a very distant third.
Now I am not about to pass up on cheaper mushrooms but as long as the reduced revenue does not delay the creation of desperately wanted new content.

Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
and ToS needs re writing you don't need to ask where!
Ummm yes I do have to ask. Is it a grammar/spelling issue or are there specific rules you think need to change?

While I may not agrre with all your suggestion I for one appreciate any player that takes the time and effort to offer suggestions to improve one of my favorite activities
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