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Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
We've all seen what the future of the game is like, Max level = 400
Leveling after 300 = 1 level every 2 weeks or so. After 325 it becomes 19 days
Single Dungeon 13 is just rigged if (and we know why, can't give away epics
can you, make ppl buy them)

a quick fix maybe
increase the guild size from 50 to 100
after level 250 shroom price drops to 100 USD = 10000 shrooms
after 300 to 100 USD = 30000 Shrooms
300 TfA is nothing for players at level +275 increase that to 900 at least
The important thing about this part of your discussion is the level of impact it would have on the community. A very small portion of players are at this level. This is why Playa has not developed a new dungeon or increased the level cap. To date, no one has ever reached a level cap before it was raised.

Due to the wide range of players, Playa has focused on more horizontal growth recently.
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