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Originally Posted by spiny norman View Post
Playa has only one source of income: mushroom sales. As a broad oversimplification, there are 3 main classes of players:

obsessed shroomers that buy mushrooms in $99 lots and burn through them quickly, who may number in the hundreds

casual shroomers who may buy mushrooms $5, $10, or $25 at at time and use them more sparingly. I'm not sure how many of these there are, but they may be in the thousands or tens of thousands.

non-shroomers, who never buy mushrooms. These people are meaningless to playa except to the extent that they keep the game interesting to the paying players, or to the degree that they can be sucked into the game to such an extent that they start buying mushrooms.

obviously, there are going to be players that fall in between these classes. Only playa knows where its main revenue source is. The big shroomers may be the most vocal, but it is entirely possible that the little guys, as a class, provide them more revenue, and thus more attention.
I'm not privy to the financials, but what you're getting at is usually correct for this market. The larger midcore group often is the bulk of the revenue. This is not to say the 1% of those at the top are a negligible amount though, especially given their impact on the community.
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