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I've had this happen too. It's not consistent or predictable, at least from what I have noticed, but I guess it would average out to about once per week, I would find myself short a mushroom or two.

There are two reasons why I haven't posted the issue before:

1) It's one or two shrooms per week, and even though it hurts to lose them as a non shroomer, it really wasn't a game changer for me.

2) From past posts of people posting of this problem, the ultimate conclusion is that they themselves did something to "lose" the mushrooms whether it's refreshing the shops, skipping a quest, buying something that cost shrooms without you noticing, etc, etc, etc. I really don't need to post an issue here only to be told it was something I did, when I know it wasn't.

I haven't had anything like the amount the OP lost, but like I said it generally averages out to 1 to 2 mushrooms per week, and it happens similarly to what the OP said, in that I would go on a quest, the quest will finish, I will be automatically started on a new quest and a shroom will disappear.

To answer some of the inquiries about further details.

-No I can't recreate it, as I don't know when it will happen. The last occurrence was 08-01-2012. I did a 14 minute quest that ended and automatically I was started on another 14 minute quest at the loss of the shroom.

-Firefox 14.0.1. I have the latest Flash, I am not sure about the version but it's set to notify me for updates and it updated fairly recently.

-I only clicked start once. I have been known to waste a mushroom by accidentally clicking "skip" at the end of a quest before the counter changes from zero to the fight, but at these occurrences I was watching the timers and not anywhere near my keyboard.

Anyway, this is more for informational purposes for anyone who cares to read, because as I have said it really isn't a game changer for me. Irritating, yes, but I'm not leaving because of it. Would be nice to get it to stop though.