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I seem to find one maybe every 3 or 4 months on a quest. but I think that is because I am playing using on average 3 mushrooms a day for extra thirst. Plus I play on a couple of servers so this is calculated on more than just one account.

If I was playing on just one server with one account then the odds of my finding a epic in a quest would be closer to one a year.

I almost never find a epic on a quest all the ones I have had have come from dungeons or by forcing myself to spend a 100 hundred mushrooms in refreshing the shops on a epic weekend and even then the epics I find are not guaranteed. I have cycled the shop using 100 mushrooms and still found no epics in the shop..

I have terrible luck and if I am lucky enough to find one it ends up being a crappy all stat or all luck epic thats gets sold for gold or flushed down the crapper.

Epics can be good but I think epic weekends are ripoff more than anything else
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