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Ok I merged both thread together as they are close enough in topic to do so.

The part on if it is better to have a 1 stat/main stat items over epics most top players will tell you no if I can save millions of gold to boost 3 or 5 stats compared to 1 stat.

As for when you should change out an epic for a normal item this is what I was told by ppl when I first started and have told those you don't refresh shops for upgraded epics. If the normal items stat it 2 time the stat bonus of a 3 stat epic of 2-1/2 of a 5 stat epic then you should consider changing the item out.

And the final part where if would it be better to have all normal items or all epic check the top players on the server(s) you are on I would say about 85%-95% have all epics but weapon or all epics.

Hope this helps both of you out.
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