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Default go back to location-specific fruit

In order to accumulate fruit for my pets I have already cleaned out my entire inventory space: I'm using it all to store fruit. Yet I still find myself on certain days overloaded with one type of fruit and starving for another. Right now I have 5 extra plums and 6 extra apples even after feeding 3 to my highest ranked pets, yet I don't have any lemons at all. I would bias my quests towards those that might give me lemons if we still had the opportunity. Why was it taken away? Does it not make logical sense that pets would be found in places where their food grows?

The most valuable pets are the pets that match your toon's class and the shadow pets, since they give constitution, so we should be given the opportunity to search for specific foods. It would make the game a bit more strategic and a bit less luck.
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