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Only one quick note, hanging on to Darstard's pseudo- (never mind that, Darstard, nothing ;pseudo-' about it... maybe 'virtual') reality: incoming catapult giant missiles can be seen hundreds of metres away, and a handful of people can clear out of its path at a brisk walking pace...

A 70% hit probability is still a cheap cop-out - this thing ain't carpet-bombing with napalm... And then with and option to improve precision? We're back to square one, same balancing issue...

I mean, c'mon!... overwhelming odds, outnumbering your adversary 10:1, 20:1, 25:1, even 50:1 is not enough??? Pffft... No comment...

Darstard's originally suggested limiting values seem much more balanced - it should take at least some effort and combat to conduct a raid.

(Crikey... even with laser-guided, homing, heat-seeking, or bunker buster missiles, a small cell cannot be eliminated! How can a big dumb mushroom do what those can't?! You tie your opponents down before you strike, then take a dozen practice shots? You need some rope?! Maybe you expect us to give you the rope as well, with which to tie us up, cos you forgot to bring it?
Kidding, but you get my point - it's a bit silly, and pointless, and unbalancing, and, as Darstard now pointed it out, unrealistic, this big silly mushroom thingy, as it is now...)

Other than that, there are some alternative thoughts that could be considered (prerequisites for obtaining a catapult, upfront investment) and these two existing blueprints, Darstard's and Blackhatnot's, combined for an improved, refined, fine-tuned feature.
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