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I did some Excel on my own and I'll give u an advice - if you chose 3rd pet I recommend upgrading them till you'll get to 8th or even 9th pet, matter would be different if you would go for 1st pet then you could switch at 6th or 7th, sooner is a waste of resources - time and fruits.

But that's all me, just dropping my conclusions, don't take it for granted I'll investigating my data even further

#edit: I forgot one thing which affect our strategy above all! Time specific pets! Each element have different times so going for particular attribute may be harder for some, in my case it's Int so I'll stall for a couple of months and when I focused 1st pet I should invest upcoming resources in 5th as 6th and further are Summer, Fall, Winter. By the time of June I, probably, get access to 10th as I'll pass Spring for 9th, so, yeah, strategy gets more complex



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