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Originally Posted by goku View Post
In this chart I've compared stats for first 10 tiers of pets. For first 6 sets, I have somewhat clear data, but based on pattern, I could say that tiers 7-10 will be somewhat similar.
If this is correct, then pet on first tier with lvl 26 will have about the same attributes as the lvl 8 pet on tier 10.
My strategy is to focus on clearing habitat as fast as possible.
So far, I have been upgrading only 3 tier pets and it has worked just fine.
I think that gap between those pets and habitat monsters will increase over time. Turning point will be when newest pet requires less food than current one in order to defeat habitat.
Somehow i think that will be between 13th and 15th pet ( in case of upgrading only tier 3 pets).
The thing is, pattern on 6th pet gets different - it should get Increase of 7;8 7;8 7;8 15 12 instead of 8 8 8 16 12

Pattern would go like this
Str	Dex	Int	Con	Lck
7;8	7;8	7;8	15	?

Str	Dex	Int	Con	Lck
8	8	8	16	?

Str	Dex	Int	Con	Lck
8;9	8;9	8;9	17	?

Str	Dex	Int	Con	Lck
9	9	9	18	?

Str	Dex	Int	Con	Lck
9;10	9;10	9;10	19	?
With stats of 6th pet I assume stat increase is not that linear as I thought and gaps will be even bigger so difference won't be 2 lvls and this part gets tricky, for me especially, as I have 21L in 1st Int pet and it wont carry me over 10th with loss of resources, not when I poured 7 apples to 3rd in the beginning - I'll probably jump straight to 6th if I'll managed to get it soon enough. I think that jumping on 13~15th pet might be too late when carried by 3rd, but thats me

And well, you are right with all and that turning point

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