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Default Memento Mori - Looking to fill 12th spot!

Memento Mori is an English speaking guild and were looking to add one more member. If you are level 12+ and active on a daily basis we'd like to talk to you.

About Us:
-Fortress: Level 12
-Gold Bonus: 20%
-Instructor Bonus: 20%

We ask that you donate gold on a daily basis, but the paltry amount we ask for is easily offset by the 20% gold bonus you'll earn on all quests as a member of Momento Mori. Really, we ask that you donate what you can, but a minimum of 5 or 10 gold depending on your level.

While everyone will be considered for membership, we PREFER mushroom buyers as it speeds up leveling and supports the game.

If you are interested in joining Memento Mori please send me a short PM detailing why you should be selected for membership. We will consider all those applying and send invites within 24 hours. Or, if we really like you, your may be invited on the spot!

**To be considered for joining Momento Mori please PM Shoofly.


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