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Originally Posted by Darstard View Post
The time has come for me to rest my bones and body. I've stepped down as GL of the Endless and retired to my little cabin in the woods. I expect I'll enjoy a number of long, peaceful evenings there by a fire, reliving my days of youth and glory as an officer in an upstart guild dreaming of a spot in the top 20...

Thank you to every other player and guild who has made this game and server the place that it has been, is and will be. I've very much enjoyed my time here and it is all of you that made that true.

To the Severed Tongue: you were our greatest rivals - thank you for always making it fun no matter who was winning or loosing.

The Endless, members past and present, you will always be in my memories. But you also have my email, so you needn't remain there.

Sad to see another long time player leave the game but as we all know you can't play any game forever and where ever you go I hope you have as much fun and success as you did here. You will be missed by everyone.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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