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When I first saw people with gold frames I had no idea where it came from. With no option to purchase one anywhere I figured it was a promotion that maybe happened before I joined. Only after seeing it casually mentioned in a facebook post did I realize you could still get one. So then I went and got the 1,000 mushrooms, the option was then revealed, and I got one.

As it is now it seems set up to almost be a hidden feature. If that's the intention, then leaving it out is fine (like an Easter egg). Maybe that helps build a mystique and sense of exclusivity, and gets people wanting to purchase one. Maybe this limits its knowledge to veteran players, hiding it from newer players who might get turned off initially by a high shroom price tag. But if it's not the intention, having it in the manual would help spread awareness which may also increase purchases. I can see the case for both.
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