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Bringing to you voting results from Europe/Germany on this topic:
17.09.2011 - 30.09.2011: intend = stopping the Oktoberfest on German servers last year, which failed due to unwillingness of responsible persons

Against unlimited time spend on any time period:
70.36% = 394 votes, from witch at least > 150 are from highlevel players at this time ( 1 char > Lvl 275) + in the first 3 days this element scored > 80% with around 300 votes. Group stopped voting after official statement 19.09.2011

in favor:
13.04 % = 73 votes, not a single highlevel

doesn't matter:
16.61% = 93 votes

Why are these players so against this kind of Event:

a) their 1st servers started 2009 and they invested 3 years to play to level 329 - nobody wants this time investment to be further disrespected (10 beer a day and not a single more)

- with events and all bonus (guild, scrapbook, drinks) powerhouse players are able to play from 1 to 300 in a single year by now which is considered fast enough
(if you need reference: , server started 22.06.2011, events started late October 2011: first players reached level 300 July 2012 (hunter + mage))

b) what happened last year:
exactly these players quit gaming in groups - i personally remember: the server highest char on (the oldest server), the leader of the superior rank 1 guild on this server, ... way too many.
if you like to see such an action:
(have a look at the donatable mushrooms summed over his chars )
way too many guilds merged to cover up the loss of active players

c) what is expected this year:
the same event = more survivors quit, since they already quit using shrooms (a promised update for highlevels (content unknown) has been requested 2010 starting several times, 2011 promise was made that something is in work, 22.06.2012 something was planned to be released but unfinished)

d) alternatives:
few were proposed like some days with disabled level breaks = faster leveling for all with the ability to spend the same amount of time as usually.

Consider this please at least Playa Games, not all countries want to be serviced the same way (different mentalities) and a way too small number of players is in contact with you to consider a voting representative.
(playing on german servers: remaining 2xxx/22xxx donatable shrooms @ level 28x, 1 deleted Lvl 300 char (better not remembering the on that one), 0 motivation remaining besides a top guild (44 raids in 11.4 months from server start) loosing active members every month and with 0/22xxx the "I quit again and this time forever" (the guild lost >50% active players out of the top 100 largely beeing < 15 levels behind the top player last year due to Oktoberfest, who remains this time ?).
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