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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
Unfortunately everything you mentioned has been a major factor for many people to stop playing, and not many new players joining either... Things have to change or this game will die sooner or later.
Sadly, they seem to just add new servers. Older players go on a new server and spent money, new players go on a new server, old players keep spending money on old servers. Occasionally they lose players, but with enough losses, they just add another server. xD

Originally Posted by Lord Arse View Post
I remember battling with you guys on a near daily basis with GreekGod. Always fun (even if you did beat us pretty much consistently :P ) and it'll be a shame to see one of the old school leaving.

Retired on S2 myself now, just concentrating (barely) on keeping GG and myself in #1 spot. The game certainly needs a whole new element. Some kind of world chat would be the biggest plus to the game right now, but I'm not holding my breath.

Best of luck with whatever you play next, Vizari. Try not to be a stranger to the forums
It was fun to beat you down like we did almost all others.

In all honesty, though. The climb has been great fun. Even when we were way behind on many guilds and slowly making progress, even when we were losing a lot to GG, or to SD, or LAW, Wookies, GP, etc, we were still slowly making progress. But REAL is way too entrenched on s2. Too much poaching, too many top players, impossible to beat.

I shall grace you guys with a visit every now and then. ^^

Originally Posted by spiny norman View Post
If it doesn't die eventually, it will be the first one. I've played <deleted>, guild wars, soccerstar, etc. Thankfully, never got into <deleted> or <deleted>. Not to mention games for nintendo, nintedo 64, Wii, gamecube. guitar hero and rock band. Many of the games came with extensions/upgrades, like the <deleted> extension of <deleted>, but each eventually ran its course. It's the nature of things. Players get bored, developers move on to other things. A new patch with new content may drag things out for a month or two, but no game will keep your interest forever. So play until you stop having fun, then go on to something else. I think there is a tendency to feel like you've invested in the game, and thus if you quit your time and money has been wasted. But that is only the case if you didn't enjoy it while you were playing. Just because you invested $29 in a DVD doesn't mean you have to watch it every day to think you've gotten your money's worth.
You're quite right. It's why we decided to quit. Many of us weren't enjoying the game anymore, but we kept going out of loyalty. With our leader having run out of shrooms and not sure if he wanted to buy new ones, I put the idea forth of just quitting.

Still hard to do, as we like the guild, and have put a lot of money and effort into it. But that's no reason to put more money and effort into it. =]

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