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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
No mate, the only hope is for them to decide to give us new content more than once a year. And when i say new content, i dont mean the crappy catapult feature or the scrapbook which most of us filled up the first week, or even the toilet which is totally useless for game content besides giving you a small item-stat improvement and some epics. I mean content such as group quests (for 5 people), arena battles (3vs3) etc. If they dont do that, no matter how badly the nerf some people, they wont fix the problem
The only actual content that was worthwhile was the scrapbook.

The toilet gave us nothing new to do, the cata just gave us a bit of extra potential damage in guild vs guild. Guidl emblem is just another graphical update that's ultimately worthless. A few random fixes here and there, like the chat fix. Ability to delete mails in mass.

Addition of events was nice, but again, added nothing actually new to the game.

It's nice to add random little things, but the scrapbook was the only actual content in my eyes.

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