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Originally Posted by spiny norman View Post
The core of the game is the guild vs. guild battles. that has become boring for you because you have assimilated so many of the top players and are thus untouchable, thus making the core of the game pointless. I say fix the core problem. They could put in some new window dressing, such as clothing ensembles that give you additional bonus if you have several pieces, but I'm sure you would find that ultimately unrewarding as well. Why don't you appreciate the catapult? because you are so far ahead of your competition that you don't need it. If #2 were in "catapult range" of you, you'd like it much more.

My solution--ban top 100 players from joining the top guild--would do nothing to harm anyone's current status. It would simply keep the top guild from advancing through recruitment rather than training, thus ensuring that there are at least 2 top teams on each server. That maintains competition for everyone, and makes the game better for everyone.

The catapult really is crap, though. When SK was fighting to hold rank and get higher, when rank 2-5 were at about the same strength, we tried catapult a few times, but it was ultimately useless. Far too unreliable for the costs.

Our biggest competitors (Fierce Warriors) were constantly using it on us, and occasionally it helped them win. But, more often than not they just catapulted a few of our lower members, making almost no difference in the fight. So, despite the potential of having helped us, we decided to not use it.

The feature would have been MUCH better if it didn't cost any shrooms. If the randomness of it was just always applied, making guild battles a bit more fun.

At your second point, your solution isn't a fix, it's an annoyance. It would disallow helping other guilds out (as some people do). It would disallow combined efforts to beat a raid. (which is what a lot of players are still playing for).

SF needs new content, not restrictions.