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All members of s3 with a desire to have fun, maybe learn a bit, and escape the requirements of gold donations, your freedom is here!
Well, not here here as in the forums, but on s3, over there.

Holding Bay is proud to announce that the tips, advice, jokes, and fun are here to stay with room for a minimum 12 more members. A few of our current members are suspected to have quit, but I'm waiting for confirmation through other methods of contact. Come join Holding Bay and spend all of your gold on yourself, as we have no donation requirements. We also offer 128% bonuses to both experience and gold, maximum fortress, and a wide variety of members. If you are interested in joining us, just drop me a note in this thread, by PM on the forums, mail in game, or a whisper in game. In every place, my name is the same. You can also send any officer an ingame mail, to insure that they do not miss it.
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