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Originally Posted by godevil View Post
Maybe they should include protection on the quarry and woodcutter together with the fortress after each attack. Or instead of 50% of resources stolen from those two structures, it should be lowered to 10%. This would decrease the incentive to gang-attack and give the player time to recover.
By the way, I don't think the NPC suggestion will be implemented since the fortress is based on PvP mechanism.
However, I would suggest having something like a guild treasure where members can donate 1 hour of their wood and stone production each day for mutual use. This building can be upgraded, and its storage capacity will be increased with each level and up to, say, 1 mil wood and 500k stone. Then guild leader can decide who he/she can give the resources to. This can help members rebuild their defense system and have extra resources for other upgrades.
Your suggestion help player.But it bases on you are in the strong and organizational guild.If they are also under attacked,they don't have superfluous resource to other member.Or your guild leader doesn't plan help small member.

Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
How about spending shrooms to increase your protection to 100%?
I saw some other game has a function which player spend money on complete protection,nobody can attack them.Others has not.I don't know it's good or bad to the game.Maybe it's bad.The new patch increase protection time ,didn't higher protection %.The designer has some consideration we don't know.
Btw.I forgot where to see that attacker lost the 10%(or X%) resource of their storage,if they fail to attack player at one battle.What they lost becomes defender's reward.It is very powerful deterred someone couldn't defeat you at one battle.
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