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Iv shown that the server Im on, has less then 10% of the players, playing..
My group/clan is in the top 30...with a BUNCH of fodder in it..
as far as I can tell, as there is not an easy way to see if a Clan is Active or if 1 person is keeping it alive,,,there are only 3-5 active clans..on this server,,
There is a single player clan that hits us every once in awhile,,, and he has a bunch of invites for joiners...even asked my whole team..

A clan of high ranked Fodder is dangerous,,1-2 hits can hurt, and enough of them will take my team out..So we are Trying to get the FEW in clan Higher ranks..

I wish there was a marker for those that have not played in 14+ days..Even 30 days would be we can tell that their HP is 1/2 to 1/4..

You can tell much by looking at each player, by the PETS...but even I have my pets READY for months at a time..
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