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Default The Severed Tongue is recruiting.

The Severed tongue would like to ask you:
What could be better than a well placed dagger in the back?

If your answer is "Two well placed daggers in the back!" - then you might be just the kind of scum we are looking for.
The Severed Tongue is looking for new members to fill up our roster.
We are ranked second and are highly ACTIVE and an EXTREMELY EVIL guild.

-Must be willing to throw yourself unquestioningly into full assault raids twice a day - NO EXCEPTIONS! Unless you have laundry duty ( May whoever have mercy on your whatever if you do).

-250 seems to be our current level requirement, but if your extra scummy we might make an exception.

-All bonuses are at 188%

If interested send a message to Quilp. He is Round and lazy; but it's his job to replace the members he broke.

--This post placed in the name of the leader of The Severed Tongue -
Ghettoforce the Terrible, who Overthrew Flying Joe the Disagreeable, Who usurped, Vertex the Inconvenient, who backstabbed Gob Bushsniper the Despicable! - Long live the current guy!---
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