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Anything to indicate SOME activity,,
Even accounts that Never get over level 10 in 3 months..

Something or anything to show they have been on in 14 days..
Clans with a dominant number of AWAY/Absent players are only working on Attrition..
The biggest ACTIVE clan Iv seen is about 6 players and 20+ INACTIVE..

How many LOWER clans would JUMP in and fight to the top if over 1/2 the people in the UPPER clans disappeared?
Wouldnt it be Interesting to see ALL the new battles, as people figure "WOW, we have a chance to get to the TOP"..

An RPG, with 2/3 of your TEAM dead and those left, are CARRYING you around to get you resurrected... is kinda stupid..MAKE A NEW PARTY..
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