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I just want something to show they have been active...
Taking players from other groups isnt nice, but a good idea.
But if you LIKE your group its a waste of time to even ask..
Finding those Loose players not in guilds isnt easy..
Making those 90% invisible, can be good..but yes there are problems with it. esp for the starting players, looking for easy kills and all those PARTS in the book.
JUST something to show activity, in last 2-4 weeks..
Yes, Iv dropped many...requested many..and we didnt get any JOINERS until we got to the top 50.. I just get tired of having a BUNCH of low level players taking up space.
2 in my group have taken this group to the top 50...think about that..2 players fighting to the top...threw all the clans that have OLD clans with 1/4 HP players... the only thing that SLOWS us down tends to be Attrition.. fighting threw 50 players with NO HP..
YES its great when they can get a GOOD hit in...but its still a 1-2 hit kill..
Just a small indicator would be great. I LOVE beginners, as I can give them GOOD knbowledge and how to make a Good build. Love beating up Min/max..they could FIX them in 1-2 months if SOMEONE would suggest to them..
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