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Originally Posted by iTZKooPA View Post
Let's attempt to pinpoint what happened and see if I can recreate the bug. After restarting the frenzy search on the Magic Shop, did you allow it time to find another epic, or did you flip to the Character page while it was still frenzying? Did you click the Weapon Shop at that point, or did it seemingly randomly go there from the Character screen?

As I briefly mentioned earlier, items cannot be generated to match specific criteria. They are created on the fly randomly, yet on a sliding scale (so the random epic is worthwhile to your level). There are no logs kept of their or any item's creation or mushrooms used during frenzy (at least, not yet, for the latter).
I restarted Frenzy in the magic shop. It had not found an epic item when I clicked the Character button.
I did NOT get taken to the Character page, I was taken to the weapons shop where a Frenzy IMMEDIATELY started. I had no chance to stop it. I then stopped the frenzy in the weapons shop and then went back to the magic shop to stop the frenzy there as it was still on and flipping