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@ JohnnyStarWind - in isolation, that's very hard to determine. Going all +STR gear will give you lots of success against other warriors and much less success vs scouts and mages. A build where STR = CON will give you the opposite. The question is how far off of STR = CON do you want to deviate to increase your success vs warriors if you're maintaining a single-build toon.

@ DominicS - I think your equation is close, but will slightly undervalue your +all epics, and more so for triple stat epics. The loss in STR is more than made up for by the added attack power of LUCK + the survivability of the extra CON. I'd put the multiplier value around 2.25 for +Alls and even higher for +triples. 2.5 or 2.75.
The reason is that epics are good against ANY opponent. They are all that. Swapping them out for +Single stat items really narrows your power band to particular opponents. It's better to swap out +singles for + singles depending on the situation.
I DO swap my Epic helm for my +STR, and the ratio is 2:1, but I keep both. I wouldn't permanently drop that epic helm for a +STR helm until that STR value goes way way up. Likely 2.5:1 or even 3:1 depending on the rest of my gear.

NB: This may be different for scouts and mages, I only play a warrior.

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