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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
That being said if both from tower drop I say take the new one if not you can go either way you have to decide if better armor or more damage, HP, and luck (better chance at criticals ) are what you want.

( For me I always take the stat bonus over armor)
That's why I did the calculations above. I doubt you'd take a new item that gives 1 extra point to stats if it dropped your armor 1000. So there must be some level where armor and stats balance. This one is 1510 armor, 49 stats. According to my calculations, the armor bonus should be much better than the stat bonus.

Originally Posted by Quilp View Post
When you figure out armor values make sure to take enemies into consideration. What you need to do is get the total armor (of all items) of your companion for each item you can equip and divide that by the level of the tower boss. Just considering the armor of one item is not going to help.

I am with bobo; as I almost always take the stats over armor unless the armor is ridiculously low on the higher stat item.
If you read my post above, that's what I did. The new belt had armor 1510 lower than than the old one. I calculated that I would take 56% baseline (no armor) damage with the old belt against my current level 336 tower opponent and 60% damage with the new belt, which comes out to 7% more damage. The stat bonuses only increased my hit points by less than 1% and the damage I cause my opponent by less than 2%, so the tradeoff seems to favor the armor.

The decision will be much different for scouts and mages. Scouts get a max of only 25% damage reduction and mages only 10%. I am a mage, and with my current armor I get a 9% damage reduction against a level 336 opponent. If I dropped the armor on my highest level item (737) to that of my lowest level item (411) I would have 8% damage reduction. Meaning the damage I would take would increase from 91 to 92, which is only about 1%. So it's hard to imagine a mage item where the armor bonus would outweigh even a 25 point stat bonus
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