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Sorry for double post, but I sent out mails on my three servers to see if anyone else was noticing this. Here are replies from the MAILS. Guild chats were also flowing with convo about it.

"Warrior on s8
around 28 cristals per item i had just bought in shop
Scout on w 1
Ranging from 30, 70 to a whoping 90 on 1 item

So yeah, unbalanced indeed"

"yea i dont get manny crystals any more like i got from the begining"

"yeah, I've noticed a significant drop too"

"it does seem to be less crystals lately"

"I'd say yes, that there is indeed a drop. besides that many items don't give crystals at all, too.

Their "balance" that warriors have more item "types" is a very weak excuse, rate of getting items is the same, that warriors have an extra shield shouldn't affect this."

These are just some of the replies I receive in mail.

Leander, can you please see if the devs changed something, and WHY.

Again, I'm not seeing the change for the mages. Today, my mage got 8 items from quests. The LOWEST amount of crystals was 231.

Seems it is only happening to scouts and warriors.
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