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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
A month and a half into the Blacksmith update I have almost forgotten he exists.

I do dismantle items daily and there's a nice shroom socket option but in the end every once in a while I check if there's even any point in upgrading an item and spend some of the resources.

I really feel indifferent to all of this.
Is it worth it for non shrroms more so then shroomers that replace gear every epic weekend the answer is yes.

I shroom but don't replace gear every month I might get a few every few months since they don't improve much when you are in the mid 400's level.

but to give you an idea on stat points from upgrades for lvl 440 warrior. 4x upgrade for epics that have stat bonuses of about 745 per stat the blacksmith give 93 points per stat. so times that by 9 items ( I use normal weapon) 93*9=837+153(weapon)-990 points for main stat and 837 for con and luck. not sure what an all stat gets but even if 1/2 still worth the cost.
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