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I would like to point out the big abuse problem with this situation. First, it would allow guilds to complete many dungeons to boost their bonuses very quickly. As such, having it free makes no sense at all in regards to balance issues. If I get four or five members from the #1 ranked guild to come down to my new guild, I could knock out nine or ten dungeons easily for just the cost of the dungeons, and boost the bonuses to a more than can be expected level.

Also, what if everyone isn't ready? You kick those that haven't had a chance to join, just so you can fight that much sooner and get a lot more fights in during the day. This denies those players the opportunity to join in any of the fights even if you invite them back, due to the 24 hour wait period. The 10 hour wait period is not just there to slow the progression of guild dungeons, but serves as a window for folks to join in combat and allow many to join instead of just a chosen few.
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