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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Flash has been the problem for years. It freezes the browers every day but it is not Playa's fault. Other Flash content does freeze tabs too, even in popular Facebook games with difficult struggle for months to beat a level, then you finally do but Flash freezes.

Flash is to blame here. It is old and outdates and all companies including us jump off the dying Flash code and convert their content to something else (HTML5 etc.).

I swear before the birthday event, I had not ONE problem. I mean, yeah, the whole browser would freeze once in a great while and I came to expect that, but this is just one TAB at a time, not the entire browser.

I would have 5 tabs open - 4 servers and one for whatever. One server tab would freeze but the other 3 were fine. I would refresh the frozen tab, continue playing, and then another one would freeze, etc. The rest of the tabs would continue on their merry way working just fine.

This is something new, not the expected browser freeze, and it doesn't happen in FireFox nor IE. We tested it last night.

Maybe it's a Chrome update, but it is certainly something new.

As for Flash being old and slow - after using HTML5 last night - 3 servers at the same time and it draining every last bit of my RAM (and I have 16 G of RAM) - Flash and freezing is going to be the way I'm going to have to go. HTML5 killed my system last night, and I have a fairly powerful laptop.
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