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Next, The Wolfpack. Their brave leader, Pheonix412 has fought hard to keep up with others in the guild, but SmokeyJoe is the reason we dominate. A guild, charging towards these fearless Wolves. We stand our ground. Who is this guild? Sword Art Online, one of the greatest guilds there is. They are in the top rankings. We are hardly even threatend though, knowing, we are a better team, so no matter how this pans out, we will crush the opposing team. The wolves fight, men falling, soldiers dying out. What is that? The group of 100s from The Wolfpack show up. The top men, the most destructive, the lower levels killed and fought for honour and dignity, they knew they made an amazing impact upon Sword Art, we fight, throwing them down, Sword Art proves, they wont die now, Suddenly, as we fall, 1 man rises from Sword Art, their level 160! SmokeyJoe and Scout95 are the only two men left, they look at each other. 2 on 1, HAHAHA this will be easy. Scout hits first, he makes a HUGE impact, nearly killing him, SmokeyJoe, finishes him off in 1 blast. Smokey rises untouched knowing, his team fought hard, and he cant wait for the next raging battle of justice.
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