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Originally Posted by blackhatnot View Post
The mushrooms won't change the way players play the game if:

1) They are in a guild with 40+ members, attacking guilds with 40+ members.
2) They are in a guild without mushroom donations, and thus their guild (generally) only attacks guild in similar situations

However, if you are a player that chooses to be in a guild with a few very high-leveled players, your competitive edge will be decreased significantly.

I like the fact that they are coming up with ways to spend mushrooms as a guild, but the catapults weren't very well planned, IMO.

I liked your post, that is why I "thanked" it, but I don't know how accurate your assessment is of the way guilds choose who they attack. At least in our guild, we go by cost first, then the level of the players in the guild.

For instance, we bring in about 5k in donations per day (not a lot of active players), so when we attack a guild, we try and keep the cost to attack them UNDER that 5k, as we are still saving up for our next guild dungeon.

If they fit that criteria, then we see the level of players. For instance, our highest ranked player is ~ level 113, so we won't be trying any guild with a player that is ~ level 198. That being said, if our 20 man guild sees a 40 man guild with the highest level player being 89, we will attack. Conversely, if we see a 3 man guild with players that are 68, 70, 125, we probably will attack them because we might have a chance of gang tackling the 125.

The fact that a guild might or might not be a mushroom donating guild never figures into our....figuring.

GRANTED: We are NOT a high level guild. We bounce from between rank 40 to 60 on our server. So maybe that's how they do things up there.

I do agree with you that I like the fact that Playa is trying to come up with a way to spend the mushrooms, but I still think it is widening the gap between the have and the have nots, while not really making the top tier more competitive.

My two cents.
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