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My second situation is a little bit vague. What I originally meant by guilds with no mushroom donations was guilds that don't even spend mushrooms increasing their experience and gold bonuses. As a result, they are most likely not very high up in the Hall of Fame, and are surrounded by guilds in similar situations - guilds that don't have the spare mushrooms to throw at other guilds. If that is the case, then the addition of mushroom catapults have no impact on their gameplay whatsoever.

And you make an excellent point, the difference between shroomers and non-shroomers is quite large. Balancing this is understandably extremely difficult, though. Shroomers are the company's income, so they are entitled to certain benefits. But how large these benefits should be is hard to say. I personally believe that everyone should be given the option of spending 300 thirst a day; shroomers should just get the added benefit of more flexibility with gear (if they are willing to shuffle the item shops), more arena attacks, and no dungeon lockout times. In short, shroomers get bonuses that merely complement questing rather than allowing players to have triple the amount of thirst for quests.

But I digress
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