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Both valid points, and worth mentioning, useful info for players who haven't noticed.

(And makes me grimace at one of my 'foibles...' I notice things, but often don't give mentioning it a second thought, unless someone else brings up the subject, always naturally assuming that if I have, so has everyone else. Which, obviously, might be true at times, but not always.)

I won't be seconding either position - or rather, I'd second both of them, since neither is 'incorrect.'

Whether they leave it as is, or change it as Charista suggested, I consider it Playa's decision, such as it is.
(I don't view it as a bug, though - more as a conscious decision relating to gameplay mechanics, balancing: a trade-off.
I think the Giant Mushroom Catapult is a balancing poison pill as regards - and squarely against - small guilds, but that's another feature, another issue, another thread...)
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