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My understanding of the matter is:
Shakes and Fidget started out as a comic about two love-able characters out of the a certain MMORPG game with over ten million players created by a certain gaming company (against forum rules to mention them, I believe; but everyone knows what I'm talking about I'm sure). The comic's popularity grew until eventually the two original creators started creating Shakes and Fidget merchandise. This is when the gaming company stepped in and took legal action. I believe that is why these forums, since it is the official forums for SnF, prohibit users for mentioning products by said gaming company.

The graphics and battle mechanics are pretty nice but the level design for FFXIII is frankly too linear. Compared to previous best selling Final Fantasy games (FF7 through to FF10, pretty much) where you could do whatever you pleased, it was quite a let-down for many. But I can understand why many find it a great game - truth be told, after spending hours on games like Skyrim sometimes a bit of linearity is appreciated

Also: show of hands, who's getting Mass Effect 3?
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