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Most players would suggest that you don't purchase items while you're a low level. Use the to level then purchase items when it takes you a long time to level up.
Im not agree with you iTZKooPA. In my opinion equipments and skill points are much more important than experience in this game. And I always choose quests with high golds reward rather than high experience reward.

1 single give 20 thirst of adventure, you can finally upgrade one skill point with rewarded gold. But if you use 6 you can purchase an item which upgrade your skills more than 30.

A level 15 hero with high skill points can beat a level 18 hero with weak skill points.
I know higher levels brings more golds from city guard, but if I be stronger than him I can attack him every 10 minutes and rob his golds.

The trick is buy good equipments, not expensive equipments.
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