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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
I was previously actively participating in but then put 100% of my attention into this forum, in hopes to keep it more active so it would not be merged into the international forum.

I've been asked to return to the german forum, but as a precaution, I've asked that the German forum members join and ask me questions here.

Most of this relates to the amount of information I was posting with the Fortress (I am Level 20) and now it related to Tricerawood (Gem Mine 20 bug).

I think everyone would like to know what lies ahead, and I know for sure my german friends LOVE cataloging information and strategy.

I'd like to use this thread as a place for questions to be answered by our German friends, and I also ask for leniency related to any posts in broken english.

If anyone would like to volunteer as a translator, please be my guest. Also, if any of our current members here have questions please be my guest.
will be nice to have a more active forum again broken English is not a problem as long as it is English as per forum rules.
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