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i still don't understand, Leander said that we will get free 10 beer on both Saturday and Sunday but Itzkoopa states that we are getting unlimited beer. Who should I believe?

Originally Posted by Leander View Post
The information is correct.

You get 10 free beers both on Saturday and Sunday.
Shroomers save 20 mushrooms and non-shroomers get up to 300 Thirst for Adventure on both days (depending on the mount).

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Shakes & Fidget live in a hard world. There are cutthroats at every turn, magical beasts in every nook and monsters hiding in each cranny. Not to mention the fact that both Shakes & Fidget are completely inept at combat. Hence why they decided to “settle down” and offer wares to you far more capable, adventurous and gullible folk.

To reward you* for all your hardwork, dedication and uncanny ability at staying alive, the town will be celebrating Oktoberfest this weekend, September 29-30. Come to the Tavern for the new decorations and as many beers as you have fingers on the house!

*And everyone that lives within the city gates.

~veni vidi vici