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Don't buy it. Even if the stats would be slightly better, which is highly doubt, spending the shrooms on thirst and the gold on stats is an investment for the long term. The bow can only help you for a limited time, the extra stats will be there forever.

Furthermore, but that's a matter of personal preference, I like weapons that give a large spread. It gives you a slightly bigger chance to win the next dungeon. The average damage for both is almost the same.

You're right in not being a big fan of +all atribute epics. A +3 epic that drops at the same level performs better. The extra stat points for strength and intel on a +all don't compensate for the loss that you have on the other 3 attributes. That's valid for normal items and just as much or even more for bows (the mechanics are the same, just the stat values are doubled).

It would be a different story if you had received this bow 10 levels ago, but that's not the case here.
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