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Smile Into the Depths of hell

To keep our family and friends safe
we creep on down below
into the monsters keep

we go into face the beasts of hell
we go to almost certain death
we of Legendary vow to fight
until our very last breath

Into the Dark Gloom beneath
Down into face the teeth
Far beneath the earthen crust
we of Legendary do as we must

May our faith be strong and keep us safe
for far below the monsters wait
Should we fail and fall
may the God over death
have mercy on us all.

Composed by Eva the not so Evil frog on this 12 day of march 2011
Never give up & Never surrender. Fight with your last breath. Fight 2 live & Fight 2 survive. Never say never & never say die. In time all shall die, will we transcend & attain a place afterlife. I'm tired & I'd like to go home. My fight is not yet done, I'm not yet ready to cross. Pay Charon the ferryman when I go. He will need his gold if I am to cross the river Styx
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