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Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
I if it is too hard to catch up to number one once the server has been active for a while, isn't that a fault in the gameplay and shouldn't/couldn't that be addressed, instead of opening up new servers as a remedy?
This is a difficult thing to balance. I am not sure if S&F has it right, but they ARE trying. They need to balance the catching up with the staying ahead. Currently leveling takes significantly longer as you gain in levels, and also includes speed-bumps at key level markers (Levels 200, 250 and 275) that last for 5-10 levels as well. That means the people ahead of you will always be leveling more slowly than you, so catching up is possible (holding shroom consumption as a constant). Making the curve steeper is going to be tough. I play max XP and it already takes me 1 week to gain a level. When I hit L300, it's going to be 2 weeks per level. If they slowed that down more, I think you'd have even more folks retiring at L200 or L250. That type of "forced retirement" wouldn't help keep the game fresher or help the community to my mind.
I think it would be great if we could figure out how to get more players into the community right away. Most of us stay for some aspect of that as opposed to just the gameplay. I'm not sure how to make the forum more effectively prominent than it is now though. Perhaps a weekly message about it in your mailbox when you're working through L1-10??
What would have brought YOU* to the forums sooner?

*YOU = the reader, not just DominicS. Post up, folks!!

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