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Enough gold is hard to come by on epic weekends. This past weekend 3-stat epics cost from 1.8 and 10 mil. each. Some of these had no shroom cost. The gold problem is magnified because at times you end up buying more than one epic for the same slot. That is because a better one shows up for the same slot after you already spent millions on that slot.

While I don't expect these other things to change; I'd like to suggest them:
1. Get rid of the all luck and all stat epics (at least on epic weekends.) I suppose some like to buy these for some character building reason; but they are aggravating to anyone trying to strengthen their character.

2. I know all about the randomness of stats for gear. But why would you have +390 3-stat epics for warriors with only 1500 or so in armor value showing up? There should be a minimum armor value for gear set every 50 or 100 levels. I don't know how the other classes feel about armor values; but it sure isn't fun passing on a good item because it's armor value suits a level 100 character and has level 300+ stats.
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