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I think the tower adds a good reward to players. The scrapbook provides xp, the tower provides gold. And if you are lucky you might even get a new epic you can use (talking about the +all stat ones on ring/neck/something).

So.. more gold - rare change of an epic - extra stuff to do! what is there not to like?
Originally Posted by Gynx View Post
There are a couple problems with the tower

1-If you arent a warrior, your warrior in your group doesnt ever get a shield
2-You cant ever get weapons/armour for your own class

That said, its another simple/fun waste of time and the devs did a pretty good job when designing and implementing it.
That follower warrior is damn powerful though (a bit OP if you ask me). On all 4 servers i play he drops bombs like no tomorrow (equally geared to the other classes).
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