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We are actively recruiting all levels and classes. Come join us!

Originally Posted by Vyllyn View Post
The Heavy Hand is an active, casual and friendly guild focused on cooperative game play. We are always looking for folks who want help grow the guild and keep us moving up the ranks.

- We are accepting all levels and classes.
- We do not require dues but donations are greatly appreciated.
- We have a very active group and excellent donors.
- Current XP bonus = 88%.
- Current bonus = 98%.
- We are consistently in the top 100 rankings.
- We conduct Guild Wars daily.
- We have excellent Guild Dungeon participation.
- We have a message board to share info, have guild discussions and socialize.

If you're interested in a no pressure guild with fun folks to game with, please give us a shot. You can reply here, PM me or leave us a note @ The Heavy Hand Forums.

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