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Originally Posted by Bullbound View Post
At 0:00, players leave. 0:01, the dump of honor happens. The players come back at 0:02. War #2 is declared at 1:31 due to the cooldown period. War #2 is fought at 11:31. War #3 is declared at 13:01. War #3 is fought at 23:01.
That makes us vulnerable to other guilds attacking us. While that's nice for getting rid of honor, we are also jealous of oour Rank, and don't want to risk losing it to Rank 2. With the -200 from the tank, -175 from the first loss to Rank 2 and they gain +175, and -150 from the second loss with Rank 2 gaining +150, we just closed the gap to 75 honor between 1 and 2.

Theoretically, a strong #3 could do that too, and take #2 away from the Rightful Rank 2, leaving them screaming at us not to let it happen again. We are, essentially, dropping our weapons for that period every 3-4 days, in a predictable pattern. Someone would eventually take advantage of us.

If the guild is going to have to drop honor again in the future, what difference does it make in regards to how soon it happens?
It's very important to those we dump honor on. They want us to dump honor as infrequently as possible in order to limit damage to other guilds.

This is achieved by getting the smallest amount of honor per win. You get less honor for having a larger difference to the losing guild, so you want to dump 200 honor, but stay as close to 950 honor as possible. (The ideal is having your last win at 950 honor for +20, to 970, tank to 770.) I don't have a table of all honor gains for all honor differences, but I may start making that table for one reason or another.

I have recently thought of Tanking twice in a row, for a reason I will not explain. This would result in -200 for the first Tank, -150 for the second, but the honor from wins would begin at ~50 instead of ~35. This would net us only 3.5 or 4 wins for the second Tank, instead of the 6 I hope to get from the first. That shortens the overall Tanking frequency to less than 1 in 5 attacks, instead of the 1 in 6 we get now.

The loss will still occur, and this idea just puts the costs together, in exchange for a longer period until another drop of honor is needed.
Except that I have to Tank on two guilds, or one guild twice. Dumping 350 honor on any guild is going to cause that guild a major problem. And, overall, I wind up with fewer wins per Tank.