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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
#1 Wheel of Fortune Bonuses increase with Fortress Upgrades
#2 Wheel of Fortune Bonuses are stored in the Fortress, which is only a 10% loss from PvP
#3 Yes, the Wheel gives random prizes, but Wood and Stone bonuses commensurate with Fortress Level is excellent (especially for stone).
#4 Regardless of whether you use it once per day or more per day with coins and shrooms, your strategy on HOW you spend your Fortress stored resources can greatly reduce the risk of losing resources
#1 Is Getting a few resource first or Getting the high lv Fortress first?
#2 10% is not "only".If you have a lot of resource and it's not enough to upgrade.Maybe you are the Top1,you don't understand what I mean.
#3 As #1
#4 Wheel of Fortune.I need more lucky than strategy.

So I won't waste my on the Wheel of Fortune.
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